The Seven Steps to a Luscious Lawn

Turkey Creek Landscape provides many customizable services for your needs, but nothing beats the durable, year-round quality that our seven-application fertilizer and weed control program provides. Our owner, Jacob, has been tested and certified by the state of Missouri, proving his expertise in creating this program. We’ve calibrated and tested every piece of equipment to ensure the appropriate amount of a given chemical is used to maximize the quality of your lawn.

The Seven Steps to a Healthy Lawn

Early Spring (Early March-Early April)

A crabgrass pre-emergent plus a spring nitrogen fertilizer controls grassy weeds from the start and prevents your yard from getting overrun.

Late Spring (Late April-Late May)

A second round of the nitrogen fertilizer and initial treatment for broadleaf weeds will enhance the color and density of your lawn while fighting unsightly weeds.

Summer (Early-Late June)

With the Midwestern summer heat and pests, another dose of crabgrass pre-emergent and nitrogen fertilizer, as well as any necessary broadleaf weed treatment, keeps your yard vibrant.

Grub Control (Early-Late June)

In conjunction with the summer part of our program, we clean up your grubs to prevent destruction of your grass roots. This step plays a major role in the long-term sustainability of your yard.

Early Fall (Early August-Early September)

We combine slow and quick release nitrogen fertilizer while continuing to check for broadleaf weeds to help your grass recover. If you want to aerate and seed your lawn, this is the optimal time for us to do so.

Late Summer (Late July – Early August)

This weed treatment will hit all types of weeds including nutsedge, broadleaf and grassy weeds allowing your grass to thrive and flourish while eliminating unappealing weeds.

Late Fall (Late October)

We supply a lawn winterizing formula which promotes root growth, drought tolerance, and early spring green up. We will, of course, continue checking for broadleaf weeds.

With this seven-application fertilizer and weed control program, your lawn will look lush, fresh, and vibrantly green the whole year.

Three Supplemental Steps to a Perfect Lawn

While our six-application program will have your lawn looking pristine all year, if you want to take it even further, you can use one of three additional services.


Dethatching will eliminate the buildup of grass material that comes when new grass builds over existing plants which have not yet decomposed. This step ensures our fertilizers and pesticides fully enter into the soil and take root.


Aeration will help if your lawn doesn’t grow well due to compacted soil, which can happen from silt, clay, and heavy foot traffic.


Finally, overseeding will help heal your grass from the damaging summer heat and drought. It not only helps your lawn recover and remain vibrant, it also helps your lawn fight disease and insects.

Other Services

If you need a service in a shorter time frame than one year, we can provide a personalized program to meet your individual yard needs. Our other services include:

Soil Testing

Disease/Plant-Killing Insect Control

Mole and Vole Control

Fleas, Ticks, and Mosquitos Treatment

Weekly Mowing

Spring and Fall Yard Cleanup of Leaves and Landscaping

Custom Requests

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