The presentation of your property matters for a variety of reasons, from its value to aesthetic appearances to peace of mind. Turkey Creek Landscape can happily provide a variety of services which we can customize to meet your specific needs. Whether you need to rejuvenate an existing landscape or build one from scratch, Turkey Creek Landscape will ensure your vision for your property comes to life.



Done properly, mulching will increase the health of your garden and decrease the number of weeds and your time spent watering and fighting pest problems. Mulching will also make your yard more drought-resistant during those tough summer months.


If you want to have a patio for guests, grill-outs, or just general relaxation, our services will provide decorative stone to help build you such a patio.


Effective rock placement can refine the look and design of your landscape. You can also install a rock garden to add some nice diversity to your yard.


Low voltage or solar lightning will enhance the appearance of your landscaping and walkways. Proper lighting can turn an uninviting, unsettling part of your yard into a scenic marvel.

Stone edging

Lining your flower beds and landscaping features with stone edging will greatly enhance the aesthetics of your yard.

Soil and Dirt Work

Well-placed soil can level uneven ground in your yard or in garden beds. This will help avoid the haphazard, uneven look that an unattended garden would possess.


Decorative pavers can create a walkway that leads your guests right to your front door or wherever else you want them to go.

We utilize a number of local suppliers to ensure you get the best pricing on any materials you may need.

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