In the hierarchy of property maintenance, a comprehensive weed and fertilizer program may sound like a luxury. Wouldn’t a simple weed killer and some seeds work?

Your yard, however, rarely gets the attention that it deserves. Unlike with interior redesigns or exterior renovations, you may not immediately see the results of an effective lawn care program.

But if you’ve ever passed a house that had weeds creeping up on the porch, grass that looked closer to beige than green, or vegetation that looked so out of place you didn’t know where it originated, you’ve seen a house that didn’t have such a program. Much like investing, you don’t see the benefits until you’ve put plenty of resources into it, and you don’t see the downsides until it’s too late.

A comprehensive weed and fertilizer program provides numerous benefits. Most obviously, it makes your lawn more beautiful, but beyond that, it can improve your financial situation and even your health.

Healthy Lawn, Happy Lawn

Most people get a comprehensive weed and fertilizer program for the strikingly vibrant scenery it creates, and with good reason. A good program will prevent weeds from overtaking parts of your lawn or even your house, increase the rate at which vegetation grows in the spring, and gives your lawn a healthier root system, making it more durable and vibrant.

This, in turn, makes your lawn tougher in the harsh summer and the cold winters, allowing it to survive the toughest of times and thrive in the best of times. Similarly, when your kids and pets run wild in the backyard, you won’t have to fret about them tearing up the lawn. It’ll have the strength to withstand the worst of paws, claws, and overly curious hands.

But more than that, a good program won’t just increase the green in your lawn.

Rich Lawn, Richer Account

A comprehensive weed and fertilizer program will prevent damage from the summer heat. This, in turn, means you need less irrigation to keep your lawn looking as good as it will.

What does this mean? It means you lower your water bill, which leaves you with more money! Depending on the size of your lawn, this can result in hundreds of dollars of savings. You can take that extra money to further solidify the strength of your lawn, refurbish other aspects of your property, treat yourself to something nice, or just invest it for a rainy day of the non-nourishing kind.

It’s not just your bank account, however, that gets healthier with a lawn care program.

Green Lawn, Great Health

Obviously, a comprehensive weed and fertilizer program will give your lawn a healthy immune system against weeds, pests, and insects that could otherwise kill it—otherwise, why would you get such a program?

But, believe it or not, it can also make you, your children, and your pets healthier.

Supplementing your weed and fertilizer program with eradicating pests, such as ticks and mosquitos, will push away these disease-carrying creatures which could have gotten you or your loved ones sick. Diseases can spread very easily through these insects and bugs, but if they don’t even come near your property, you have drastically reduced the chances of illness.

More Than Just Greener Colors

A comprehensive weed and fertilizer program will absolutely make your yard more vibrant. But by making your bank account and your family feel healthier, such a program can benefit all aspects of your life.

It’s not just an aesthetic improvement. It’s an improvement for your entire life.

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